What kind of service do you provide?
I provide real, deep tissue massage and light touch at the end. Harmless and healthy joy.

What precautions do you apply?
Please read the red image above!


How much do you charge?
Check the prices here: Rates

What are you wearing during massage?
I'm wearing nurses outfit with medical mask. Once the pandemic is fully over, I'll be wearing regular white short and top.

Can I extend my session?
Yes, if there's no other appointment is scheduled after you.

Do your prices include tip?
The prices include massage and one release. If you're satisfied with my service, I appreciate tip, but not mandatory.

Where are you located?
Manhattan, Kips Bay neighborhood. Near the 6 train 33rd street station. There's a parking lot next to my building.


How can I talk to you when i call you?
Please keep it simple, like it's a regular business appointment, be formal, natural! Don't be too personal, Please avoid these terms, like honey, hun, what's up, sweetheart, hey, sexy, luv, lol, haha, baby, babe etc.


Do you offer extras?
Prostate massage. Strapon. My private video viewing. Extra release. Online services. Please check my other website: marina-manhattan.com


Do you offer BDSM services?
I can offer strapon for $400/60 min. This service is reserved for REGULAR clients only! No other BDSM service is offered. If you attempt to ask me something that I don't offer, that probably will lead blocking you.


Tell me about your private videos!
My videos are very private, solo or with my partner.  You can watch it during your session for $50


What's your appointment policy?
I need one hour heads up. The first appointment must be taken via phone call and secured with deposit. After your first time, feel free to text me! Please call me from your cell phone, I need text message confirmation and to build trust towards you. I don't ask for your  ID nor reference from other providers, but I insist to hear your voice. In case I don't pick the phone up, please leave a message on my voicemail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. My phone number is public and you can check it. The amount of deposit is up to you, I only need it to see your commitment. I suggest $50 deposit. Beyond the major money methods, I can accept physical Amazon Gift card too.


Why do I have to pay deposit?
I don't know you. I'm an independent therapist, no bodyguard around me. Deposit is my only way to screen clients. If you're uncomfortable with reveal your identity, I accept physical Amazon Gift card too that you can buy anywhere.

I need to be discreet and I cannot give you my cellphone number. How can I make an appointment?
Buy an Amazon gift card in any store, call me and dictate the codes on it!

Can I call you on FaceTime?
No, I never pick up FaceTime calls. If you need face verification from me, I'm happy to send you a selfie video, mentioning your name.  Otherwise naughty FaceTime chat is $100/up to 10 min. Which has to be paid upfront.

When are you available?
I work between 10am and 930pm., by appointment only!

Do you work on couples?


Can I take a shower in your studio?
Yes. My bathroom is my pride. Fully equipped, Very clean bathroom for your comfort ( White fluffy towels. Mini soaps. Mini body wash. Mini hand sanitizer. Mini shampoo. Mouthwash. Shower cap. Mini lotion. Combs. Mini lip balm. Mini deodorants. Drinking water) The tub is covered with disposable sheet. You can choose between regular bleached towels or disposable towels and feel free to use your own


Tell me about your studio!
My studio is my sanctuary, shoeless, very clean, smooth jazz music in the background, decorations from all over the world, light snack and water served. As for the sheets, the face rest is white and disposable. The towels are bleached. I wash my hands before touching your body. I disinfect your feet and your hands before massaging them. At the end of massage you'll get disposable slippers. After each client, I disinfect the table.

Tell me about your massage table!
The table is a professional massage table, the back side can be lifted when you're turning over. The ceiling is covered with mirrors as well as the walls, so you have full view of yourself. There's an extra vibrating, massaging sheet on the table, that is heated during the winter months. If you'd prefer not to turn over, your hip can be lifted with a roller, so I can work on your back side for the entire time. I use disposable sheets and headrest on the top, that's connecting with your body.


Are you independent or parlor?
I'm an independent therapist, no other people around. I pick up my phone. I don't share my studio with anyone. No bodyguard. This is one of the reasons why I need deposit!


Do you offer Outcall service In Manhattan?
Yes. Although for the first time I prefer Incall. But this is optional and time dependent.


What kind of oil do you use for massage?
I use a scentless, natural oil. Amazon link: Massage oil


What do you use for prostate massage?
I wear gloves and I use scentless, water based lubricant


What do you use for Strapon?
I have three sizes of dildos. 5 and 6 and 7 inches. The Strapon is available for REGULAR clients only!


Why can't I have Strapon at my first visit?
This is a sensitive and trust based service. I take it seriously and I enjoy it very much. I need to build trust towards you. and I'm expecting you to trust me too. After your first massage appointment, feel free to ask me for Strapon.


Do you have another website too where I can check you?

Massage: Marina-Manhattan.com

Massage on Twitter: @Massage_Marina

Photography: m-photonyc.com

Photography on ModelMayhem: M_PhotographyNY

Photography on Twitter: @M_PhotographyNY

Photography on IG: @M_PhotographyNY


Where can i check your YouTube videos?







Where do you advertise?

Links below