Q: Do you travel in Manhattan?
A: Yes. Below 125th street

Q: Do you have incall location in New York?
A: Yes. In Midtown east

Q: How much do you charge?
Incall: $130/60 min or $200/90 min
Outcall: Add $70for traveling fee 
These are flat fees for massage! No discount, no barter!

Q: What is your schedule?
A: You can reach me from Monday till Saturday by appointment between 10am and 9pm

Q: Tell me about your appointment policy 
A: - The first appointment must be taken only via phone call. After the initial session you are free to contact me by text message.
- If i wouldn't pick the phone up, please leave a message on my voicemail! I'll ring you back as soon as i can
- I take appointments with one hour notice!
- I don’t hold appointments days or many hours in advance.
- The appointment has to be confirmed by text message by my and your side as well!
- If you want me to hold appointment for a scecific date days or many hours in advance, please send me a non-refundable deposit of $130 by Venmo. It is like a train ticket, in case you cancel or reschedule or don’t show, you lose this $130

Q: Cancellation policy?
A: I take appointments with one hour notice, reducing the chance of cancellations and delays. If you’d like me to hold your appointment for many hours in advance, Please send me a $130 non-refundable deposit by Venmo! This $130 holds only your specific appointment. In case you’re late or cancel or you’d like to reschedule, you lost the $130( cancellation fee) 

Q: Can i make appointment by text message or e-mail or WhatsApp?
A: No. The first appointment must be taken only via phone call. After first session you are free to contact me by text or e-mail.

Q: Do you respond to texts or e-mail at all?
A: Very rarely. It’s a massage therapy, connection with two people. I need to hear your voice before working with you to make sure, you’re looking for my service. So, please don’t text me! 

Q: Can i make same day appointment?
A: Yes. I take only same day, one hour notice appointment.

Q: Why don’t you pick up 786 area code phone calls?
A: If your phone number area code starts 786, please make sure you leave message on my voicemail and I’ll call you back as soon as I can. I don’t pick up and block 786 numbers, because of many ghost calls from direct marketing companies, that use same area code phone numbers to contact people. 

Q: Do you work on couples?
A: No. I’m not able to work on two people at the same time. And I’d feel uncomfortable while someone ‘s watching me while I’m working.

Q: Payment?
A: Cash or Venmo or personal check

Q: Is Draping required?
A: No. 

Q: What kind of service do you provide?
A: Healing, deep tissue, swedish, relaxing. 

Q: Can i take a shower in your studio?
A: Yes. The bathroom has full facility for your comfort (scentless body wash, hand soap, shampoo. Mouthwash, shower cap, hand towel, face towel, bath towel, drinking water, comb) 

Q: Is this Spa or private Studio you're working in?
A: My studio is private, i’m an independent therapist. No other people walking around. Not parlors. I pick up my phone

Q: What surface do you work on your incall location?
A: Heated Massage table during winter time 

Q: What does your outcall massage price include?
A: Travelling fee, parking fee, full body therapeutic massage, ( 60 or 90 min.) music, oil. I massage you on massage mat or on your bed. My working area in New York: Manhattan up to 125th street

Q: What does your incall price include?
A: 60 or 90 min.full body therapeutic, deep tissue therapy, music, cupping therapy, if necessary, nice clean Studio, heated table on winter. Fully equipped shower

Q: Do you provide 30 min. massage?
A: No. The minimum is 60 min.

Q:  What are you wearing?
A: White short, white top. Always changing my street clothes.

Q: Can you describe your service 
I start facing you down. Back side:
- feet 10%
- calf, back thigh 20%
- glutes: 10%
- back: 25%
- scalp: 10%
turning face up. Front side:
- arm, shoulder, palm: 15%
- chest: 5%
- front thigh: 5%
This is a typical massage. If you have specific problems, i work more on it. The massage contains about 50% deep tissue when i work with my elbow to get your deeper muscles.

Q: What kind of oil do you use?
A:  100% sesame seed massage oil. No smell, no artificial ingredients ( Bon Vital) Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B008J26BUO?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_yo_pop_mb_pd_t2
i wipe the oil of your body after the massage and your can take shower if you want.

Q: Are the prices negotiable? Are you open giving discount, barter, etc?
A: No. i offer high quality therapy. My Studio is clean, organised, comfortable, calming environment, private ( not shared with any other people) You lay on a heated table. You can take shower, I am in the middle of Manhattan, minutes walking from Grand Central and the Empire State Building ( 31st/Lex) If you are not satisfied for some reason, you pay as much as you want. 

Q: Tell me about your studio?
A: My studio is my sanctuary, shoeless very clean, jazz music in the background, decorations from all over the world. Please check my album for the Photos. The sheets, the face cover are white and disposable. The towels are disinfected. I wash my hands before touching your body. I disinfect your feet and your hands before massaging them. At the end of massage you'll get a disposable slipper. After each client i disinfect the table. For taking shower you’ll find full facility ( scentless soap bar, body wash, shampoo. Hand towels, bath towels, mouthwash, shower cap, drinking water, comb)

Q: Can you come to my apartment if it doesn't have doorman?
A: No. My safety is important for me. I go only to doorman buildings or hotels between 9am and 10pm. If your apartment doesn’t have doorman, I prefer Incall appointment for the first time 

Q: Tips?
A: If you are satisfied with my service, i appriciate it. Tips mean the level of your satisfaction! 

Q: Do you send photos of yourself?
A: No.  I upload fresh photos in every once in a while in my album

Thank you. If you haven't found your questions, please feel free to call me